Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

2nd Semester Babe

Hey Guys!

You just landed on my Blog realBabesBaseonFashion.
It's how it sounds...real BABES LOVE FASHION...there is no counter-argument.
Sure there are a lot of more important stuff on earth like PLEASE BE HAPPY WITH PEACE do not make war...but Fashion is a way to reach other people.
THIS is my little dream - reach some guys through my fashion to get a better life full of harmony.
And I created this blog to make new experiences and to talk about my view of fashion.
Soon I will be in the 2nd semester - wheres the first?!
In the first semester I didnt write for blogger...but now it's time to come back!
You will learn a lot about the life of a FASHIONSTUDENT.

I start with my drawings. These are just some beginnings of collections.

Is she thinking of what she want to take with her? 

My next posts are more organized.
the TOPICS are:
→ ♥ supercuteSKIRT
→ ♥ mysubjectswithmoreDETAILS
→ ♥ BALENCIAGAandotheramazingdesigner
→ ♥ PARISADAMtravelingisapartoffashion

I think it will be always a mix of those topics: SELFMADEstuff, lifeasaFASHIONSTUDENT, DESIGNER/NEWS/HISTORY and exploringtheWORLD
BAD duckface to the left - dont care.
Looking forward to write a lot of interesting and useless stuff